David Roberts Art Foundation - London 17.03.2011 Launch: The Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists + The Addition by Koen Brahms and Krist Gruijthuijsen The Addition Co-edited by Koen Brams and Krist Gruijthuijsen. Published by JRP | Ringier, Amsterdam, 2010. Book designed with Roosje Klap, 170 × 210 mm | 688 pp. Printed by EBS (IT). A-Z of fictional artists The book entitled "Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists" (1605–today) is a project by Koen Brams, who together with co-editors, initiated a compilation of biographies of fictional artists as presented in world literature. Although published and distributed in a different context (literature), this compilation provokes the perception of the art context as a descriptive narrative and is therefore to be seen as a conceptual framework for potential artistic additions. "The Addition" is Krist Gruijthuijsen's editorial answer to the "Encyclopedia," inviting more than 20 artists to reflect upon the problematics of fiction, history, and encyclopedic knowledge. Brought together by a bellyband, the two volumes constitute the first English edition of Brams' classic (first published in Dutch). Published with Kunstverein, Amsterdam; de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam; Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam; and with the help of the Flemish Literature Fund, Antwerp as well as the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature. With contributions by Alan Abel, Antinomian Press, Bik Van der Pol, Michael Blum, Heman Chong, George Cup & Steve Elliott, Keren Cytter, Chris Evans (i.c.w. Will Bradley & Tirdad Zolghadr), Ryan Gander, Gruppo Parole e Immagini, Will Holder, John Fare Estate, K.D., Matthieu Laurette, Gabriel Lester, Benoît Maire,Oscar Neuestern, Adam Pendleton, Michael Portnoy & Olivier Sudden, Roee Rosen, Alexandre Singh, Uqbar Foundation, Barbara Visser The Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists and The Addition Collection Anthologies & Art Theory Edited by Koen Brams and Krist Gruijthuijsen Edition / English November 2010 ISBN: 978-3-03764-123-1 Softcover, 170 x 210 mm 688 pages Images 129 color / 12 b/w